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Princess Dress Up Games
  • Princess Outing Dress Up GamesPrincess Outing Dress Up Games

    Warm spring is coming,beautiful princess will go on a picnic with her friends.As the stylist of Princess,please help her dress up.Besides, It is strong sunlight outside,be sure to let the princess wear the hat.Enjoy!

  • Miraculous Princess DressupMiraculous Princess Dressup

    It is your time to dress up a magical and mysterious princess. Make up this princess with beautiful gowns and glittering tiaras, then match together both a hairstyle and a dress for a luxurious and glamorous royal princess look.

  • Precious Pin-Up PrincessPrecious Pin-Up Princess

    The pinup style is by definition a statement. Playful, colorful, yet sophisticated; sometimes dramatic, yet fun. Once just an image pinned to a wall for admiring, now present in the world of fashion and body art to give a twist to any style. Because we love this style so much, we wanted to bring you a unique game in which you will have all the must elements to create the perfect precious pin-up look: Precious Pin-Up Princess! It's the perfect game for you to let your imagination run wild and combine different colors, styles, items, accessories, tops and bottoms. You have lots of hairstyles and can combine more pieces of hair to create new amazing and special ones. The high waist skirts, high heels, Lolita gorgeous stockings, corsets and bustiers are a must and you'll find them all in various forms. The accessories are worthy of a princess and you'll definitely have to play and see which one will look better on your pin-up character. Play with colors too, try them them all and make your pretty color palette for your precious pin-up look. Save your picture to admire it for later and then create another pin-up look. Maybe you can go for an entire collection of precious pin-up princesses dolls? Have fun, ladies!

  • Spring PrincessSpring Princess

    She's the one responsible for the freezing cold, dull days of winter turning into lovely, sunny days of spring, the one responsible for all the flowers' blossoming process, for the appearance of all those graceful, lovely butterflies delighting our eyes these days. Yes, you've guessed it, she is the fantasy beauty of spring, the one that you'll be casting your fashion spell on for getting her the perfect fairytale-like look to celebrate spring with once you get the princess dress up game started!

  • Emo Jasmine Dress upEmo Jasmine Dress up

    One of favorite Disney Princesses of all time, Princess Jasmine! Arabic princess Jasmine wants to be an emo princess. Please dress up her with emo dresses. Have Fun!

  • Autumn Lovely PrincessAutumn Lovely Princess

    Autumn Princess princess must be a beautiful and pretty girl!And dresses should also be colorful!This cute looking princess have some trouble in selecting her dresses,she doesn't know what to wear, can you help her to select the best outfit? Have fun!

  • Cute little mermaid princessCute little mermaid princess

    There is a cute little mermaid princess live in the deep ocean! Help this little cute mermaid princess to look super-cute! Choose the best hairstyle, the sweetest dresses for your mermaid princess! Have fun!

  • Diamond Princess StyleDiamond Princess Style

    The diamond princess is surrounded by diamonds everyday, she wears them all the time.Today she is going to a party. Can you help her get ready for this special occasion?

  • Jasmine Princess Dress UpJasmine Princess Dress Up

    Dress up the princess with the help of a magical genie. Help Jasmine do her hair and makeup and get ready for a fun magic carpet ride.

  • Flower Around PrincessFlower Around Princess

    Flower princess must be a beautiful and pretty girl!And dresses should also be colorful!This cute looking flower princess have some trouble in selecting her dresses,she doesn't know what to wear, can you help her to select the best outfit? Have fun!

  • Princess Irene's Summer GetawayPrincess Irene's Summer Getaway

    Where does a princess go for her summer holiday? Wherever she wants, of course! Well, Princess Irene loves traveling with her special yacht so she always prefers beaches and islands! She can swim, sunbath, read an exciting book and relax all day long! She just has to be careful about one thing and that is paparazzi! They will try to do everything to photograph her! That means she has to keep being chic even on a deserted island! Let's give her the style she needs for her little summer getaway!

  • Dancing Princess Dress UpDancing Princess Dress Up

    All of us know that princess must always be the most beautiful of any party. Therefore we need your help to dress her up with the most beautiful dress and accessories for the tonight prom. She has a wardrobe full of clothes from were you can choose everything you need.

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