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  • Guitar Music Show GirlGuitar Music Show Girl

    This girl loves her music, especially her guitar! She plays in a band and she's the lead guitarist! They are performing a show tonight and need to look their best, the lead guitarists stylist has not turned up to help you get dressed! Its going to be down to you to choose the right outfit for the performance tonight! Go through all the items until you find something that looks good, good luck!...

  • Barbie Princess Charm SchoolBarbie Princess Charm School

    Barbie is having a great time at her Barbie Princess Charm School. join the fun by finding the numbers hidden in the picture, as well as the hidden hearts. Help Barbie enjoy herself.

  • Doli Ice-Cream FrenzyDoli Ice-Cream Frenzy

    Step inside the magical world of the Doli Ice-cream Frenzy and enjoy this summer and its delicious yummy treats. Help prepare some wonderfully refreshing ice-cream cones for the Doli friends and get bonus points and earn some cash in the fairytale land of tasty desserts. If you liked Toto's Cupcakes, we surely know that the ice-cream will go splendidly with that, adding to the flavor of the cool summer. So what are you waiting for? Start making the cherry-delicious, chocolate-decadence flavor mix, select the right cone shape and let Toto, Sisi, Mina and Lisa enjoy your delicious home-made ice-creams. Sweet!

  • Little Red Riding Hood - Cookie FeastLittle Red Riding Hood - Cookie Feast

    Help little red riding hood to collect enough cookies for the feast and find her way through the cookie maze! But watch out for the big mean wolf.

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Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle

Jessica and her boyfriend are on a pic-nic and decide to play spin the bottle. Spin the bottle as much as you can but you also must kiss too. Dont let the other people in the park catch you kissing your new boyfriend.

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