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  • Bush Vs. ReporterBush Vs. Reporter

    A funny bush games,you could choose bush to help him advoiding shoes attacks,or choosing the reporter,attack bush by shoes.

  • Bella Thorne Memory CardsBella Thorne Memory Cards

    Do you love Bella Thorne? Now, get this chance to pair all your favorite star Bella Thorne Cards. Test your memory skills by finding the exact pair all the cards. Complete the level in before the time and explore the new level. Complete all the level and save your highscore on the leaderboard. Have fun.

  • Banana And Almond Hair MaskBanana And Almond Hair Mask

    The homemade hair mask series we've started a couple of weeks ago, continues today with a new fruit based recipe that I'm sure you girls will love! In this new online hair game for girls, you ladies will learn how to properly prepare a moisturizing banana and almonds mask for your hair, are you excited about it? Home beauty experts recommend this banana hair mask because of the incredible benefits this delicious fruit has when applied on it. It is a well-known fact that the banana softens your hair and protects its natural elasticity, but do you know why we also use almonds when preparing this mask? Well girls, we use almonds because of their special oil keeps the moisture locked in. Try it once and you will simply love the smooth and soft look that this easy to make mask will leave on your hair, not to mention that your hair will also be protected from the drying effects of dry, cool weather. Now that you know a couple of the most important benefits of a banana and hair mask, how about learning how to make this wonderful treatment for hair from the scratch? Get our new hair game started and, first of all, wash your gorgeous long hair with your favorite shampoo in order to prepare it for this special moisturizing treatment! Rinse the foam and dry it well by using the professional hairdryer you have at your disposal in this game. Once you're done, you girls can go to the next page of the game and start preparing the banana and almond hair mask. Cut two medium bananas and put the slices into a large bowl. Add some almonds, too and mix these two ingredients until you obtain a creamy mixture and then feel free to massage into clean hair. Let it sit a bit before rinsing with water. Great job, girls! Your silky hair is now prepared for a brand-new look, so feel free to pick up the scissors and cut it until you obtain the desired length. Use your favorite hair styling tool to arrange it as nicely as possible and then find a lovely hair accessory to complete your girly-girl new look with! Look through your wardrobe for a new outfit and pick out the one you fancy the most to wear today.

  • Perfect Halloween Nail DesignPerfect Halloween Nail Design

    Halloween is coming!candies and pumpkin,lovely mask?! not enough!make yourself different from others.the girl in the game- Perfect Halloween Nail Design,wants to make her nails to be the most fashion and great Halloween style,enjoy this game just now!

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Operation Slap

Operation Slap

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