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  • Sweet NailSweet Nail

    It is winter now,how cold it is!but the girl still wanna to make wonderful nails,and choose the best gloves for herself,Aha,come on,to make the most wonderful nails and gloves for her! enjoy the sweet nail games for girls!

  • Tricky RestaurantTricky Restaurant

    This is a laid-back weekend, Bella went to a new restaurant, but the genes of trouble began to stir, take a look at Bella want to do?

  • Venture on ChocalateVenture on Chocalate

    There are three levels in this game, in every level you will choose and click the right chocalates. Quick in thought, if your bad chocalate is enough, you will lose in this game. Good luck to you, my dear! Your beauty is waiting for you.

  • Shoe RushShoe Rush

    It's like a dream come true: working in a place surrounded by stylish, gorgeous shoes, isn't it? Well, now let's see how you manage to sell all those designer shoes, playing the shoe rush management game! We sure all love trying them all, selecting them, buying new ones during our long shopping sprees and so do these picky clients. Since it is a real famous shoe store you're working in, get ready to greet lots of demanding clients and respond to their wishes! Ups, there's your first client! Hurry up, drag him to one of those comfy armchairs and get him a cup of coffee till he decides what shoes he'd like to try on. Once he makes up his mind, continue this fun management game by bringing the seller girl there closer to the shoe shelves. Once you've found the exact shoes your customer loves, hurry up and get them to him. Make sure you don't forget to put the money the customer pays with for his fancy shoes and put them in your cash register. Now, drink your fruit juice, eat your veggies, for you'll need all your energy for this crazy shoe rush!

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Jingle Bell Brawl

Jingle Bell Brawl

A simple game of "Rock'em Sock'em Robots" fighting with Santa and Jack Frost.

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