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  • Flock the DogsFlock the Dogs

    The dogs of different breeding are mingled in the kennel. Unwind yourself by fetching and flocking them with their family and have fun.Instruction: Group the dogs of same kind by swapping them in same row or column. Use mouse to swap the dog.

  • Lazy Summer DaysLazy Summer Days

    Lazy Summer Days Oh, the poor thing. All that running about the backyard, all that cat chasing fun and playing catch sessions must have been exhausting for this poor puppy here. Those tiresome activities and the lovely summer weather have determined him to have a nice beauty nap right in that comfy hammock there. While he dreams of mountains if yummy yummy doggy snacks, how about styling him up so that even when he sleeps he should keep his title of the most stylish doggy in the neighborhood? Have fun playing the lazy summer days dress up game!

  • Dog ExpoDog Expo

    The event of the year is here, the International Dog Exposition is in town! You cannot miss it, and your very beloved dogs as well! So take your time and get them ready, make sure they're gonna to be the cutest and the most adorable ones in the show! The judges won't miss a spot, so pay attention to details and give your precious pets a complete makeover before they enter the competition. Going for the first place? Your effort will be highly appreciated, no doubt about it!

  • Toto's Weekend CleanupToto's Weekend Cleanup

    Hello friends! Today we've got something special stored in just for you. Do you remember that big-eyed little puppy, no?! Surely, you know we're talking about Toto.Well, he's been on a prolonged vacation, playing outside, eating ice-cream, grooming pets at the countryside. No need to say that he's been really busy, but with almost no time to spare, he has forgotten to clean up his rooms. So please, we're asking nicely, help him get this over with, and make sure that Toto's Weekend Cleanup is happening… better sooner than later, so that he can relax in a tidy environment when he comes tired from the chores he's been doing lately.

  • Doli Anniversary PartyDoli Anniversary Party

    DoliDoli is celebrating it's second birthday this week, and everyone is invited to the Doli anniversary party! It's been two years since Toto, Lisa, Mina and Sisi first started to be a delightful presence in your life, with super fun and colorful games. They have been through so much together, have taken on several sports, went on vacations and even tried to become fashion gurus. Last year, as you remember, they had another Big Party, where everyone was invited. So this year, join them again in some of the most interesting challenges you would have to complete before the big event, getting everything ready and even making the most perfect birthday cake ever! Happy birthday, DoliDoli!

  • Toto's Camping Trip Hidden Object GameToto's Camping Trip Hidden Object Game

    Don't let all those prying wild animals ruin Toto's fun weekend spent out in the wild! Make sure he can camp nice and safe without all those intruders around, such as hippos or crocodiles running about his his tent, making sure that you spot them all and send them back home!

  • Astronaut TotoAstronaut Toto

    Oh My! Toto's on an outer-space mission, but a wave of asteroids is approaching and his space-quest might be in danger. But have no fear, because Astronaut Toto is the best there is in this galaxy, and he will fear nothing and no one. Watch out for the nasty asteroids, because they take away your energy, and also be careful with the nasty spy rockets which will try to do anything to make you fail, but with all this nasty circumstances, we still trust that this mission will be a complete success, because even if it's just Toto's Balloon Ride, or any other mission that requires his skill, Toto is always the one to count on.

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day Pet Dress UpHappy St. Patrick's Day Pet Dress Up

    Cute Patrick the puppy is getting ready to celebrate, guess what: St. Patrick's day, of course! He's even put together a special wardrobe for this so very special holiday, but now he seems to be having trouble deciding upon the cutest, chicest look to wear on this festive day. He's counting on you, you know, to style him up and help him leave everyone around mouth-opened due to his adorable doggy looks enhanced by a so very cute, vivid green, clover patterned doggy outfit, too. I not youi canno say no to him, so how about getting the happy St. Patrick's Day dress up game started?

  • Toto's DucklingsToto's Ducklings

    Toto's made some really adorable new friends, a few tiny cute ducklings, and now is counting on your help for taking great care of them. Make sure he's quick to feed them, clean their water and even go fishing for them, if he has to, and show them all his love and care. Enjoy!

  • Toto Catches ButterfliesToto Catches Butterflies

    Enjoying spring, Toto loves to chase and catch butterflies with his cute net. Come help our adorable puppy in his chase in the garden as he is struggling to gather as many butterflies as possible. Win the challenge for each level and be a super-trouper that Toto loves to share his net with. Colorful little butterflies will fill-up the air and will inspire you to run after them and catch them so they can give you bonus points. Have fun in the nature and enjoy Toto as he catches butterflies.

  • Toto in the Garden Dress UpToto in the Garden Dress Up

    Did you know that there's a lovely flower garden right behind the Doli house, where Toto just loves to spend all those sunny spring day, picking flowers for his doli doli friends, running after colorful butterflies and having fun in the open air? He is getting ready to hit the backyard garden as we speak and he'd really need some help deciding upon the loveliest clothes and accessories to put on. Give him a helping hand playing the Toto in the garden dress up game !

  • Toto in the Snow Dress UpToto in the Snow Dress Up

    Our loveable DoliDoli puppy is in the snow! White magical flakes and Toto come together in this wonderful wintery dress-up game that will melt your heart. See how sweet cuttle little Toto looks like when you give him a total remake with fluffy cozy winter clothes. Admire his natural puppy charm under a blue woolen hat, a big fluffy scarf and of course comfy gloves. He loves to have a swirled candy in his hand and a funky bag over the shoulder to show how fashionable he can be. So play with Toto in the snow and have a great DoliDoli winter!

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