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Barbie Dress Up Games
  • Barbie Graduation PartyBarbie Graduation Party

    Barbie is going to her graduation party today. She graduated university as top of her class and this educational achievement must be celebrated accordingly. She wants to look sensational and she has only a few hours to find the perfect outfit. A friend's advice is really useful in this situation as she cannot decide which dress to wear. Can you help her out, girls? Have a glance at Barbie's elegant evening dresses and try them all on the college graduate girl. Dress up Barbie for her graduation party in a gorgeous pink princess dress, accessorizing it with matching high heeled shoes, stockings, chic pink bag and diamond jewels. Or she can wear a hot red sequin gown matched with glam silver clutch and stylish sandals, which will turn her into a stunning red carpet glam diva. Check out that stupendous blue mermaid dress or the extravagant Lady Gaga style mini gown! How should she wear her hair? Will a red, brown or brunette hair color suit the cute blondie better? Don't forget her fancy graduation hat and diploma which cannot miss from the party!

  • Barbie Musketeer PrincessBarbie Musketeer Princess

    Barbie wants to become a musketeer, so she joined the famous musketeers Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan in their pursuit for justice and freedom. She always admired their bravery in protecting the poor and oppressed. She has turned into a true warrior princess, being well known in her kingdom for her sword fighting and horse riding skills. Barbie needs a talented fashion stylist to design her musketeer princess outfits, as she is too busy fighting around. Wearing a dress will not prevent her from being less efficient, but on the contrary she can take her enemies by surprise. Dress up Barbie in lots of gorgeous musketeer princess dresses, matching each vintage top with the right fairytale long skirt and shoes. If you go for a hotter and more sophisticated look, pick a midi or mini skirt instead and match it with chic leggings and knee high boots. Accessorize your amazing designs with a girly cloak or collar scarf, fancy feather hat or dazzling tiara, masquerade face mask, gold and diamond jewels, and a trendy curly or wavy hairstyle. She goes nowhere without her sword and fan, her secret weapons, so make sure she carries them as well.

  • Barbie Mermaid PrincessBarbie Mermaid Princess

    Barbie loves swimming and she pretends to be a mermaid whenever she dives under the water. Today she is having a photo shoot session for a popular fashion magazine and she is posing as a fashionista mermaid princess. Dress up Barbie for her shooting in lots of stunning tops, fish tail bottoms, over tops and accessories from this brand new designer collection. She will appear on the cover of the magazine, so she must look fashion fabulous. Use your fashion stylist skills to combine each top with the right bottom, shawl or bolero, gold and diamond earrings, chain and bracelet. Accessorize each costume with a fancy chic bag, glam tiara or pretty flower hair band. Style up her hair in a straight, wavy or braided hairdo. That hot red bustier should be matched with an ultra fancy skirt and over top of the same color, but a different chromatic is on vogue as well. Shoes are the only fashion item you don't have to worry about, girls! There are lots of dress up combinations you can try to make the cute doll look amazing. Have a fantastic time playing this brand new Barbie Mermaid Princess dress up game!

  • Barbie Honeymoon LoveBarbie Honeymoon Love

    We invite you to join Barbie for another important moment of her life: the perfect honeymoon. 3 exotic destinations (Iceland, Caribbean Islands and Venice), 3 makeovers and lots of gorgeous outfits for the newly weds. Sound like tons of fun, right ladies? Go ahead and play this gorgeous new game called Barbie Honeymoon Love and let us take you to romantic, serene destinations where Barbie and Ken will celebrate their love! Enjoy!

  • Barbie Princess StoryBarbie Princess Story

    Are you ready to untangle Rapunzel's long beautiful golden hair? Or find Ariel precious lost gems on the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe collect Jasmine's precious items with the magic carpet? You will find all of these exciting challenges in this fun new game that we have prepared for you: Barbie Princess Story! After you pass all this fun mini games you will be able to dress up Barbie like the beautiful little mermaid and choose a fabulous hairstyle for her, or like the beautiful Rapunzel or the mysterious Jasmine.

  • Barbie Bachelorette Challenge 2Barbie Bachelorette Challenge 2

    Are you ready for Barbie's second challenge that her bffs have prepared for her, as a bachelorette? It looks like she did awesome with her first challenge and she is up and ready for the next one and she can't wait to start! In this second Bachelorette, Jenny, Barbie's bff who is in the rock music industry, has challenged our girl to rush through the streets of the town on her motorcycle, on the way to her next exciting challenge.

  • Barbie Bachelorette ChallengeBarbie Bachelorette Challenge

    Barbie's bffs have prepared a great bachelorette party for her and of course, some really exciting challenges that Barbie has to pass. We don't want to spoil the surprise for you so we will tell you just a few highlights. Two of Barbie's friends - Lola, a cute hipster girl and Britney- a glam diva, have some amazing challenges for Barbie. She will rush across town again so prepare for some adrenaline, ladies!

  • Design Barbie DollDesign Barbie Doll

    Do you like barbie doll? Come to design your favorite style of barbie doll.

  • Barbie Dress Up PartyBarbie Dress Up Party

    It's party time, ladies! Today we are going to join Barbie and her best friends for the most amazing dress up party ever. She has been waiting for this opportunity to spend some time together and have a great time, so tonight's party is the perfect chance for the girls to catch up on the latest events in their lives, and also gossip a little bit, like girls do. You will be helping Barbie prepare for the dress up party through a fantastic makeover. Have fun!

  • Barbie Wedding RushBarbie Wedding Rush

    Help Barbie rush to her wedding in her cute pink convertible Beetle. But first she has a few stops to make: the beauty salon, hairstyle salon, bridal boutique and the flower shop. Have tons of fun helping Barbie prep for her wedding day in this awesome unique game!

  • Barbie at DentistBarbie at Dentist

    Be a Dentist and Check out our cool dentist tools to clean up Barbie's teeth.

  • Barbie Lovely PrincessBarbie Lovely Princess

    Meet the magnificent princess of the Toy Kingdom. She lives in a beautiful castle and wears the most elegant and exquisite gowns and tiaras. Will you become her personal style advisor?

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