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Animal Dress Up Games
  • Puss In Boots DressupPuss In Boots Dressup

    I think everyone heard about the story of Puss In Boots who wanted to steal the golden goose, the palace above the clouds, using the magic beans of Jack and the Beanstalk. Puss in Boots is a very popular cartoon character in recent times, he and his cat steal from the rich and give to the poor. Dressup Puss in Boots and his Kitty with very nice and beautiful clothes in many colors.

  • Celebrity Dog Dress UpCelebrity Dog Dress Up

    If you put this dog down on the red carpet, then he's going to be crowded by hundreds of paparazzi. This puppy dog is okay with getting hit by hundreds of flashing lights at once as last year he was the most wanted pet of the year... if you saw his first movie, you will instantly understand what I mean! But now, since it is on the red carpet with his lovely puppy fiancee the paparazzi will surely want to catch them together, so hurry up girls, get the 'Celebrity Dog Dress Up' game started and dress up the celebrity dog couple in some glittering wraps and expensive accessories so that they look great on the their very first front page photo! Enjoy it!

  • Snow PuffsSnow Puffs

    So what if outside is quite chilly and that his favorite playground in the park is covered in snow? With a cute chic doggy winter outfit, the cutest puppy accessories and a new fur color, he'll be ready to run, jump and try to catch those falling snowflakes, looking so very pretty and winter chic!

  • Cute puppy showCute puppy show

    Almost every girl love pets! Many girls love cats,but I love dogs. I have a lovely puppy and I love to dress her just like a cute princess! Enjoy Cute puppy show game!

  • Sheep HolidaySheep Holiday

    This furry, cute sheep you do not really want to hug it, Dolly has been the beauty of the sheep, it came to the park today, to help the lovely Dolly to dress up!

  • Happy pony dress upHappy pony dress up

    It`s time to take a ride with this cute pony into the backyard garden, but before we do that we need first to dress it up with it`s fancy clothes, but don`t forget to change it`s color first so the clothes will fit in with it`s body color. Because this pony looks like a royal one, you can put on it a new hat, or you can choose a new pair of shoes. Don`t forget about accessories and his body painting stickers.

  • Purrfect KittenPurrfect Kitten

    Play cat and mouse with this perfect kitty's feline fashion!

  • My Cute Teddy BearMy Cute Teddy Bear

    A cute teddy is coming to you to be dressed up really cool and very bright colored. Because the teddies look really good when they are dress up like little dolls. It makes them look sweet and adorable.

  • I Love PandaI Love Panda

    Dress up this Panda with different clothes, such as shorts, skirts, t-shirts, jackets, hats, shoes, dresses, also choose hairstyle and sun glasses.

  • Clueless Ice Sloth Dress Up GameClueless Ice Sloth Dress Up Game

    He may have won you over with his goofy cute looks, his clumsiness and... well, his energy, and optimistic way of being, but wait until he “conquers” you for good with his super funky chic style, too. Yes, I am referring to Sid, not only the most loveable animal from the ice age, but definitely the most fashionable one, too. Ready to turn back the hands of time, step into his period of time and check out his awesome wardrobe getting the clueless ice sloth dress up game started?

  • Cute Groundhog Dress UpCute Groundhog Dress Up

    The day when cute, fluffy Phil here gets to play the role of a superstar, when all eyes are focused on him and him only, is so close! You can just guess now that this adorable groundhog would like to look his very best on his one and only day of glory! Get him a fancy elegant or a sporty chic look to make the best impression with playing the cute groundhog dress up game!

  • Mina's House with Her PuppyMina's House with Her Puppy

    Mina adopts a little dog. She always make up her puppy. Mina is prepared with many dressup for her pet. They will go to their new house!

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