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  • Valentines Spa DayValentines Spa Day

    Valentine's Day is almost here and Jenny has some big plans. Her crush has asked her out for a romantic dinner so Jenny wants to impress, of course. She has made an appointment to the fanciest spa salon in town where she will have a great time, relax and get pampered from head to toe. Join Jenny and help her with the preparations for the big day. She was thinking about getting a back massage to relive all the tension in her muscles. Apply some special rub cream with strawberry flavor to make her skin soft. Then give her a chocolate wrap, and a nice massage with a special essential oil. The spa salon has a very special treatment for Valentine's Day with heart shaped stones. Discover it for yourself as you help Jenny relax in style. Finish the spa treatment with a glitzy spray that will make her skin look sparkly. Well done! The spa treatment was fabulous, but now Jenny needs your help for finding the best outfit for her valentine date. Choose a lovely dress for her with valentine motives (hearts and bows) and a cute pair of high heels to go with it. Accessorize with thematic necklaces, earrings and a chic accessories for her hair (tiaras, bows). Don't forget to pick a small purse where she can hold her makeup items in case she wants to refresh her makeup. Speaking of makeup, you can also give her a more romantic look using the makeup features in this fun new spa game. Great job, ladies! With your help Jenny will look amazing and charming for her Valentine day!

  • Valentine's Runway SecretsValentine's Runway Secrets

    It's about time that we brought to you one of our epic games from the Runway Secrets series. Since Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, we have decided to create a love inspired game. In Valentine's Runway Secrets, you are going to have the really important assignment of helping the lovely girl called Jenny get ready for the Valentine's show she has been asked to do, even though her stylist can't make it to the show anymore. Jenny will have to present four fashion styles: Vintage, Hipster, Harajuku and Couture. The first style will be unlocked, but in order for you to gain access to the other ones and create the prefect look for Jenny to wear at the fashion show, you will have to play three exciting and fun mini games. You will absolutely adore the tasks that we have prepared for you, so get ready to be surprised and have a really fantastic time! Once you will have completed all the stages and chosen all the outfits for Jenny to wear, you will then be able to choose one of the styles for Jenny to wear the first at the show. Enjoy our new game called Valentine's Runway Secrets!

  • Be My ValentineBe My Valentine

    Hello ladies! Are you excited about Valentine's Day that is about to come? I don't know about you, but i am really excited about it, because I am planning on spending a really fantastic day together with my boyfriend, celebrating love. In this really exciting facial beauty game called Be My Valentine, that we have prepared for you, you are going to have the unique opportunity to help this really beautiful young lady pamper herself with the help of a really cool facial beauty treatment, that will be followed by a really fabulous makeover session in which you will be helping her decide upon a really cute and adorable outfit to wear for Valentine's Day. Simply mix and match all of the beautiful outfits that we have prepared for you, in this fun game called Be My Valentine, and in the end this cute young lady will be ready for her date with her boyfriend. You will be amazed to see how many choices and combinations you will be able to create for this girl.

  • Cupids in LoveCupids in Love

    Up up in the sky, right in the seventh heaven, floating on the ninth cloud, there lives the cutest angles couples ever! Imagine that thee two chubby cheeked Cupid have been struck, but mistake, by one of their magic arrows and now the two winged cuties are madly in love with each other! Isn’t that cuuuute? Well, it would be even cuter if all their angel friends would give them some rest and privacy... Now here is where you get to use your magic skills, too, while playing the cupids in love kissing game and help the two tiny angels kiss without getting noticed by all the other sweet looking intruders wandering about in the sky!

  • Valentine Party CleanupValentine Party Cleanup

    Emily throws a valentine party. She wants to clean her house and decorate it for this event. However, there is not enough time for her to clean the whole house alone. She want to be ready for the party in time. She needs a helping hand to finish the work in time. So, go on and clean up the kids craft room, the living room and kitchen within the given time. Your job is to put each object in its proper place to make the house look perfectly clean! Pay attention to the time and finish each level.

  • Goddess of Love Dress Up GameGoddess of Love Dress Up Game

    She's the one spreading love and happiness upon the earth, from her spectacular temple way way up in the sky, the one bringing people together in a kiss and making sure that all those tiny Cupids do their work as they're supposed to. Moreover, not only that you get to step into her magic kingdom, but you get to style her up, too, the moment you start playing the goddess of love dress up game! How cool is that: using your fashion skills on a true goddess, goddess of beauty, goddess of love and high class fashion!

  • Perfect Date Couple Dress UpPerfect Date Couple Dress Up

    Rose who has a date with a guy named Tom. Everything should be perfect. We start by choosing a location, then the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry and the perfect shoes and accessories.

  • Valentine With My LoverValentine With My Lover

    It's a romantic day with our lovers in valentine Day. The girl likes to stay with her love, but she thought she should wear beautiful dresses at that day. Dressing up with fashion clothes soon.

  • Be My Valentine KissingBe My Valentine Kissing

    This teen has planed his Valentine's Day huge surprise for his sweetheart in every little detail. There's going to be a romantic walk in the park, a romantic chariot ride on the lovely sunny day, even a romantic candle light dinner at that stylish restaurant she loves so much. But will he have the chance to sweeten up their special day without getting interrupted by all sorts of intruders? He will, if you decide to give them a helping hand playing the be my Valentine kissing game!

  • Valentine HeartsValentine Hearts

    Sweet and innocent valentine hearts are on everyone's mind around Valentine's Day. Join the super DoliDoli fun in this cute and love-able game of catching falling valentine hearts. Toto and Sisi will be on a quest for falling red cute hearts thrown over by a cute cupid. Help each of the adorable DoliDoli pet to catch as many hearts as possible, so they can offer them to Lisa and Mina and make their Valentine Day a unique one. The valentine hearts are easy to catch if you follow your heart and pay attention to where Cupid is heading to. So use your skills and catch all the valentine hearts you can!

  • Find My ValentineFind My Valentine

    A fun game for girls where you must collect all of the blue hearts while avoiding the mean pranksters to unlock the level and the golden heart. Complete all three levels to help Henry find his perfect valentine.

  • Sweet Girl Valentine DatingSweet Girl Valentine Dating

    The sweet girl wanna have a romantic valentine day. She just got an invitation from a handsome prince. Help her dress up and make up now, she will be the beautiful princess and go dating with her love!

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