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  • Defend the North PoleDefend the North Pole

    Naughty kids are attacking the north pole! As Santa, it's your job to defend the North Pole. Use your candy cane to smash the kids back - defeating a kid will give you candy cane ( the harder to beat, the more candy cane you will get ). use candy canes to heal north pole, fortify it or increase Santa's strength. Good luck!

  • Swiss Snowboard BoxSwiss Snowboard Box

    Select your track sessions with the help of the different icons. Collect as many Skai bags as possible. You can bend down by pressing the space bar. Each Skai bag will double your points at the finish line.

  • Brendan SoccerBrendan Soccer

    You are Brandon, any idiot can score a goal in soccer, what you have to do is hurt anyone who gets in your way.

  • Zidane Head Butt Game Zidane Head Butt Game

    You've seen the head butt, now you can do it. Show 'em your best header.

  • MaradonaMaradona


  • SuperSpeed One on One SoccerSuperSpeed One on One Soccer

    Play head to head in this exciting Soccer match game!

  • Soccer PennoSoccer Penno

    Try to score against this goal keeper.

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