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  • Fishy FishFishy Fish

    Fishy the fish wants to be the biggest fish in the whole ocean! Eat up fish smaller than you, but avoid the larger fish otherwise you will get chomped!

  • Treasure hunter in the seaTreasure hunter in the sea

    You are a treasure hunter which objective is to get enough gold and precious stones before the time finish. Use the mouse-left button of the mouse or the arrow keys to move your hook. In the store you will be able to buy improve to your ship.

  • Billy Blue FishBilly Blue Fish

    Help Billy Blue Fish avoid all obstacles and get to the candy store to fulfill his hunger with magical snacks!

  • Japanish FishingJapanish Fishing

    Catch fish as much as possible!

  • Aqua FieldAqua Field

    Guide the tiny fishes and their mother to tasty worms avoiding all the threats.

  • PlanktonPlankton

    Use the arrow keys to move the starfish around. Your goal is to eat the sea creatures that are smaller than you while avoiding the ones that are larger than you. The more fish you eat, the bigger you become. Every 3000 points, your size will be reset, and the sea creatures will move faster. You will also regain some of your health. If you have a full health meter, you will get bonus points instead.

  • Catch FishCatch Fish

    Catch the fish by throwing stones at them.

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