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Educational Games
  • Messy KitchenMessy Kitchen

    Jenny invited her friends for a home dinner. Now her kitchen is in a total mess. Help her clean the kitchen before her parents come back to home!

  • Pink Room Clean Up GamePink Room Clean Up Game

    Can you guess which is this cutie's favorite color? Her entire lovely house is painted in candy pink, I mean every single room of her house... We cannot say the same thing about messy room, they're not her favorite ones, so how about helping her clean up her cute princess room getting the pink room clean up game?

  • Time To Clean UpTime To Clean Up

    Anna and friends had lots of fun during last nights slumber party. Now annas house is all messed up. Anna needs your help in cleaning her house before parents reach home. Help her to clean up the house and put everything in place before parents reach home. clean up kitchen, bedroom and bathroom within the giving time to win the game. Note: You require at least 40 points to view hint picture. You can view hints only 3 times in a level.

  • Machete ChamberMachete Chamber

    Willing to suffer for prizes? Dodge falling blades while answering simple questions. Win awesome prizes; shed ugly body fat!

  • Copy Cat Jack Copy Cat Jack

    Can you repeat the colors in order? In Copycat Jack you have to repeat the colors in the same order as the game. Game also uses animal sounds to reinforce memory.

  • Geek or Serial Killer?Geek or Serial Killer?

    A quiz to see if you know your geeks from serial killers.

  • Mouse PaintMouse Paint

    A game for younger users, pick up the paint brush and then choose a color and you are sorted.

  • Drag and DropDrag and Drop

    Simply Drag the picture to the correct box. Great for kids learning to read!

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