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  • Alphabets CarnivalAlphabets Carnival

    Play this fun Alphabet Carnival Game, by trying to shoot the turkey down with the letters.

  • Pick My EggsPick My Eggs

    Match the egg shaped signs that the chickens are holding to any of the objects in your eggs at the top of the screen. Get a correct match and gain a point, but careful not to click the wrong eggs or you will lose a life. You can miss 3 times before the game is over. This fun matching game will test your speed and memory.

  • EggzEggz

    This matching game allows you to launch colorful game pieces, creating matches and making your way to the top wall of the game. Once there, you advance to the next level.

  • Clone a Doodle DooClone a Doodle Doo

    Catch Chickens to win. To Successfully capture a chicken, fence in the chicken in four sides. The fenced-in area you will create will need to be small enough to force the chicken to stop running around. Catch more than one chicken at a time for bonus points.

  • Big Country FunBig Country Fun

    Help Strawberry and Honey Pie round-up the chirping chicks. Avoid the mud and collect all the chicks in all 3 rounds for bonus points. Pick diamonds and strawberries to add extra seconds.

  • Cock Shooter 2Cock Shooter 2

    Shoot the passing chickens. Try to blow their heads off for maximum points. Don't let any escape!

  • Chicks AdventureChicks Adventure

    Guide the little chicks back to their home avoiding all the dangers, before the time runs out!

  • MoorhuhnMoorhuhn

    Shoot as many chickens as you can before time runs out.

  • Catch the ChicksCatch the Chicks

    Catch all the chicks into their hen house.

  • Chicken ImpossibleChicken Impossible

    Launch the chicken just right so he lands on specific items. Don't launch to far!

  • Chicken RunChicken Run

    The aim of the game is to free the chicken by tossing them out of the fence.

  • Chicken HuntChicken Hunt

    Shoot all flying chickens.

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